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Red Flag: Social Media Expert

You are considering hiring or perhaps you are being “pitched” to hire a social media manager…a person to maintain your companies Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other social network. Social equity is now a part of all marketing/advertising platforms but as I tell my clients, if you are not prepared to put in time ensuring they work for your business...don’t even start! It can be time consuming and mind daunting. So why not hire someone to help? Great idea…now, how do you choose? The first thing I do when presented with and “expert”?

Visit their business and personal social profiles!

If they boost to be a skilled Tweeter, have 25 followers and 50 tweets to their name...Red Flag.

If they are a wizard at Facebook marketing, you visit their page, they have 60 Likes, and their last post was a month ago...Red Flag.

If you visit their website and click the Instagram icon that takes you to a deactivated account…Red Flag.

If they are the best LinkedIn managers around and they are connected to 80 people with no profile photo…Red Flag.

If they are superior when it comes to teaching how to blog and they do not have one themselves…Red Flag!

"Those who can't, teach" does not apply here.

Do a bit of research before hiring an expert. It takes little to no time to click an icon and see where it leads. Most business owners consider themselves to be fairly uninformed of the social networking ways so, you trust and believe. And hey, as marketers we all get busy and at times some things can fall through the cracks. But if I say I am the GO TO person for Twitter…I damn well better have an active profile!

...just a Red Flag from a Redhead

You're welcome.

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