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Post Everyday??? Why!

Posting everyday may seem a daunting task but it has its rewards! And in future blogs I’ll give you some management tools that will make the task far less consuming. Here are 3 reasons why you need to be posting daily:

  1. Maintain Top of mind awareness for your business. If you are not saying anything and you’ve cut back traditional media advertising the perception will be you’ve closed your doors. The public and your followers need to hear from you!

  2. Increase your ability to be found in search! Google (the king) now recognizes social activity in search. When your page/group on Facebook has activity, Google notices and bumps you up higher in the search.

  3. Increases engagement! Engagement has direct correlation to ensure the social algorithms will show your followers what you are posting. No engagement, less than 1% of your posts are being seen by your FOLLOWERS!

Before posting there are 2 elements you need to remember and consider when you are deciding what to post:

  1. People are on social sites to be social! To connect with friends and family. To catch up with people.

  2. Individuals want to be entertained or informed!

My formula:

80% of what you post should be entertaining or providing needed information.

20% should be about your specific business/products/sales.

Again, it’s all about engagement! If you want followers to see your posts and for Google to find you faster and easier… need like, shares and comments. I have 2 suggestions when you are deciding WHAT posting….

  • You will gain more engagement with “fluff stuff” rather than only posting about you and your product/service. Fluff stuff is the memes, the quotes, an article you find interesting….

  • When you do post about your business, include a link! To your website, your blog or your other social pages! By doing this, you’ve now made it easier for a consumer to find you!

You are convinced that posting daily is worth, what the heck do you post!???

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