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Get your Social on!

Why social media is the most important element to your business now? With no store fronts open, local businesses are struggling. Your website and social platforms are now your literal front door!

Social provides so much to a business but is more critical now when your touch points are limited.

I will be addressing Facebook. My clients use this platform more due to the people/customers they are trying to target.

Here are 6 actions you should be doing right now:

1. Look at your insights or analytics. Knowing when your followers are on Facebook and at what times gives you a starting point to know when to post.

2. Post Daily! You need to connect with your followers consistently and frequently! Yes, daily. It isn't enough to post once or twice a week. People liking, sharing and commenting on your post allows them (and your other followers) to see more of what you are posting! Keep your business in their minds on a regular basis.

3. Monitor and respond. Engagement (liking, sharing and commenting) is a critical to the success of your social platform. If someone leaves a comment, shares a post, leaves a review or asks a question you better know about it and respond!

4. Share your business post to your private page. Chances are most of your friends and family you’ve connected with on FB are fully aware you have a business. The interaction and engagement on your private page will enhance and fuel your business page. So share your post between the two pages.

5. Encourage your friends and family to share your business post! This will expand your message to reach more people. Keep in mind, your friends and families connections may not be following your business page! And there’s little doubt that they would be more than happy to help!

6. Start following other local businesses as your BUSINESS page. We all need to share the love right now. Especially local businesses. You may be following a business page as yourself, but it’s important to follow that page as your business as well. (See diagram) Then….share their posts! That would encourage them to share yours. Then your content is reaching people who may not be following your page...yet! We all any extra support especially right now.

So get started and leave any questions or comments. I would be happy to help in any way I can. Keep healthy and safe during these crazy-times in marketing. (See video here)

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