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Tips for your "downtime"!

We all have a bit more time on our hands than normal. For local businesses, no doubt you are working whatever means you can to stay in the mind of consumers. Especially using social media! But when you’ve got additional downtime…what to do? Here are 4 “to-do’s” that will actually assist your business!

1. Change your Cover photos! Cover Photos are those large banner images that are at the top of your Facebook Business page, your Twitter and LinkedIn profile…even your YouTube channel has a cover photo! This is valuable space and should be changed on a regular basis. Currently, it is your storefront sign! But it can be so much more. Using a tool like Canva allows you to create professional, impressive banners requiring no graphic design experience! All the Cover/Banner photos are different dimensions from social platform to the next. But the benefit of using C

anva? The dimensions for most all are already programmed in! (You can also Google them.) You can add a website address, call to action or promote a hashtag (#) you want followers to use when mentioning your business!

2. Monitor and respond to reviews! My experience is some businesses excel at this and others totally ignore. Your business reviews on both social and Google are imperative to your businesses brand. Every review should be responded to…whether positive or not. These individuals have taken the time to leave you a review, show them it is valued. Not to mention, opening a conversation by responding to a review could lead to a more loyal customer or another sale! Also, ASK FOR REVIEWS!

3. Create multiple posts in one sitting! Create amazing and professional post with Canva! As with the cover photos, Canva has already programmed post sizes for most ALL social sites! All you have to is choose or upload an image and add a text! Or upload a picture of one of your products and a website address. This tool is so versatile and valuable…it is a must use! Check it out! Having multiple posts created and ready makes that “daily posting” far less daunting!

4. Search for individual to follow on Social sites! Twitter was one of the first social sites I fell in love with decades ago! I spend a great deal of time on Twitter following and searching for people to follow. I have not made the time to do this for a while! With the extra downtime, why not now! Same on LinkedIn and Instagram. Take the time you now have to delve into these sites and search for new people to connect with.

Use your downtime wisely. Do some of those things you don’t make the time to do during “normal life”. These 4 tips are not only fun, but will be an asset to your business!

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