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Traditional Media & Beyond
Reach and Frequency


Television = Reach

Radio= Frequency

Print = Circulation

Outdoor = Traffic Count


Traditional media has been forced to evolve over the past several years. Some social media gurus would say that traditional media is dead! Although the effectiveness has altered based on placement and message, it is most certainly NOT dead. Since the internet has taken such hold of our habits we now need to adjust our thinking of how to utilize these elements for marketing.  Mass media is still extremely effective for branding and a call to action.


We all still have television in our homes that have broadcast, cable, Netflix, movies on demand, internet TV and more!

All cars are built with a radio at our disposal, but we now have Bluetooth technology for our iPod, satellite radio and every new car has a computer built into the dashboard. That means we can podcast and Pandora till our heart content.  

Local and national daily news is still vital, but we can surf the web to learn what we want to know, when!

Until "cell transportation" and hover-boards are introduced we all still use automobiles therefore billboards/outdoor will still catch our eye.  

Understanding the strength and weaknesses of these mediums as well as how to adapt them to a digital marketing platform is the task. Should you use local radio? How many spots should you buy? How do you place a commercial schedule on broadcast TV versus cable? Can you sponsor a successful Podcast? How can you get your message on Pandora? This is what we do!


Guerilla marketing


Trade Shows, street marketing, park benches, airport posters, bus stop signs, vehicle/bus wrapping, flyer drops, urinal advertising….  Guerilla marketing is any unconventional way to reach your target customer and invoke a response. 

For certain business this is a great way to stand out and be noticed! Work with a creative team that thinks differently and knows how to gain leverage to get the most from your unique efforts. 




Analysis of current media placement

TV - broadcast, cable & network 

Radio - local, network & Satellite 

Print - newspaper, magazine & Outdoor

Digital placement

Media value and insight

Additional value and sponsorship opportunities

Promotional diagosis and direction

Broadcast quality production 



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