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Drop...and show me your products!

Product driven business have a great opportunity to get busy on social during this crazy time! No, patrons are not venturing into your showroom/store, but you can stay connected with them through postings and content in your social platform.

We already talked about why you should be posting and using social, especially right now. (Go back to Get your Social on! And Post Everyday? Why!) So….what do you post? This blog is directed to those businesses that sell tangible products. Here are 3 ideas to spark your imagination on content for posts:

  1. Daily product posting! Showcase a product! It can be showing how a product is used or comparing two products. Remember you want to entertain, educate then sell. Educate the consumer about your products so they can buy online or be ready when your store re-opens!

  2. Show products in groupings! Sounds simple, but how often do you promote products that work together? Show the value and ease of why two products marry well. This can increase desire and sales! It applies to every product base business from wine & cheese to furniture!

  3. Offer incentives. Perhaps offer delivery if you have not in the past. If you offer pick-up make sure you have an additional offer to include with their purchase. “15% off next order with this coupon”. It gives them a reason to buy again! Offer free financing if you sell a higher priced product.

Now is not the time to hesitate. Now is the time to get your social media working for you! See video here!

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