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2 Reasons You Need "Fluff Stuff" in Social Media!

What is "Fluff Stuff"?

Be funny! Share a great meme. Be topical. Highlight a great article. Your a local or small business trying to manage your social platform to gain notice and hopefully convert followers to customers. When it comes to social media, the fluff stuff is more important than your product. That's right, more important. Why? Two reasons:

1. People like to be entertained. Think of how you enjoy using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Catching that great story from a current event....liking that meme about wine....sharing that video that made you laugh.... Sure many of us gain information on these sites for news and more. But our engagement more likely is with this elements that entertain!

2. Engagement! Adding that spark of entertainment entices your followers to like, comment or share your post/tweet/photo. The current algorithms and all the privacy issues swirling around social sites have "stuck it" to the marketers. The platforms have drastically reduced the chance of your followers seeing anything you post....unless they engage with your posts and page!

Check your insights on Facebook....your analytics on Twitter and Instagram! What posts/tweets are getting the most engagement? The time you spend on social needs to count first for engagement! If you are not getting need more fluff stuff!

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