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What's in a photo? Cover Photo!

LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are a few of the social sites that give you an amazing space to show off…. the cover photo. As a business and a professional, why are you not utilizing this space? Especially for sites like LinkedIn where individuals visit your profile frequently to learn more about you and your business.

Here are only 3 reasons to get a move on:

  1. Promote hashtags for your business. All businesses should uncover and claim a unique hashtag and use it! Adding that hashtag to a cover photo is like adding your logo but better. Followers can search that hashtag and discover more about you or your business. #PromoteCoverPhoto

2. Showcase a specific product or sale. You can change your cover photo as often as you like. If your business is selling products like furniture or olive oil, why aren’t you using it to show your product? If you are in a service business, show visuals of how your service is used. Having a sale? This is a perfect space to get noticed! My suggestion, change your cover photos once a month…minimum. If you are in a consumer product category…weekly.

3. Drive followers to your other social sites. When creating a cover photo for LinkedIn, include the addresses to your Facebook business page, your Twitter page, your Instagram page….and any other site you may have equity. If you are spending your time populating your social platforms, get the traffic you need for good engagement!

What other ways can you think or have used to get the most from your cover photo? You wouldn’t make a sandwich without the bread. You’ve taken the time to input all the meat, cheese and lettuce of your business on your social site, now include the bun aka: cover photo.

Tools for creating all cover photos:

Sprout Social outlines the guide to image sizes per social platform.

Canva for creation of cover photos.

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