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Research, Plan & Implement

Over 75% of businesses use social media for customer service.

63% of individuals read emails while watching TV.

Podcasts are the appointment listening of today.


As a business, you must understand current habits and use that knowledge as a roadmap for your marketing! Marketing strategy requires comprehension of mediums...what are their assets and detriments. Understand who is your customer (demographic), what message are you putting forth (creative) and defining your budget. The knowledge of habits and expectations of your potenial customers are imparative to the success of your advertising goals. 

We utilize our decades of experience to create a strategy that is unique to your needs and a equation for success. 

Research - your business, the business category and current marketing

Analyze - cost effectiveness, response and media allocation

Budget - assist in creation and implimentation

Monitor & Discover - gauge return on investment and adjust allocation based on response.

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