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Social & Digital Media

Connect, Engage & Track


Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn…

Tweeting, posting, pinning, repining, checking-in, creating videos, updating….


Social Networking is a way of life that fills our day.  We connect and search with it, we share like and comment, and we use it to research as well as to have fun!  These networks have changed the way we make decisions.  They allow us to explore and obtain a plethora of information about a person or business. As consumers we expect to have the ability to communicate with a business and the business owner.

Your online activity allows customers to find you more easily.  Over 80% of businesses engage in social networking for the purpose of customer service management. 

At Main Opt, we diagnose which platforms would be best suited for your business.  Then direction and strategy is decided. You choose full management or utilize our consult. What is your business missing if you have no presence?



Social network creation and management

Content creation and consulting

Cross pollination of business sites

Monitor, respond and analyze

Increase organic engagement

Utilizing social ads to increase awareness


Digital Media


Computers are in the palm of our hands.

Reaching customers where they spend their time is the name of the game. Consumers now spend more time on their smart phones than they spend on a PC. "Google it" is a common phrase used in everyday life. Website now have to be mobile friendly to maintain their search ability.

We reach your customers where they live....where they search. Google, YouTube and Facebook are now search engines. Connecting and directing individuals to what they desire. Learn how to gain equity with an online footprint, find your virtual voice and gain customers by focusing on SEO (search engine optimization) organically and paid.

Monitor current status for search

Organic Search Engine Optimization

Adword PPC campaigns (Pay per click)

Banner/Ad placement on web

Mobile Marketing


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