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5 To-Do's for your blog

You’ve created your blog! Congratulations! Now what? You want people/customers/clients to absorb your words of wisdom. If you have a high traffic website currently, these tips will only augment that traffic. If you don’t, it is imperative to “invite” those individuals to your blog!

1. Create an element to obtain subscribers to your blog. Whether you work off Wordpress, a templated site (Wix, Squarespace, Weebly…) or have a coded website, you are able to create a “pop-up” window encouraging the visitor to “join your mailing list”. That way anytime you publish a post, the subscriber will receive a notice with a link! Ta Da! Instant traffic.

2. Promote! Every individual blog post you publish has a unique web address (URL). Copy and paste that link on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other social page your business utilizes. I would also encourage you to share on your personal pages! Some sites are tricker like Instagram. Instagram doesn’t allow you to paste a hyperlink (a clickable link) in a post. You can insert the url within the post but the follower would have to copy and paste in their browser search bar. Using your social sites is a MUST when it comes to gain traffic to your blog post!

3. Repost on LinkedIn Publisher. The LinkedIn Publishing Platform allows members to write, edit, and distribute articles on LinkedIn. All members can use the article publishing tool from their homepage on a desktop computer or tablet to write articles on LinkedIn. You already have the blog, all you have to do is “copy and paste”! LinkedIn is a home to business. It will duplicate the impact your blog post will have on an influential platform!

4. Re-promote past blog posts! This is an easy, yet forgettable way of driving traffic to your blog. You can choose any post to re-promote or create a “Throwback Thursday” or “Way back Wednesday”, choose a specific day on your social sites to share old content! You don’t even have to create a new blog topic for this one.

5. Insert past blog post links in a newly created blog posts. When creating a new blog post make sure to reference a post from a prior month/year. Add that link into your new post and increase the potential of traffic to that older topic. In this way when you promote your new blog post through social channels, you will be promoting 2-3 or more of your older blogs as well!

You’ve taken the time to blog, now use it to your businesses advantage! These are just a few helpful tips to ensure eyeballs will be on your efforts.

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