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Seeing Double! Business packaging to double your revenue!

What is the most popular item/service you sell? For most businesses that is your catalyst, your “get them in the door” item. So how can you make that one product more valuable to your bottom line?

Clusters! Groupings! Packages!

Offering a complimentary product will increase your sales dramatically. All businesses have elements or products that work well together. As Amazon would say....."If you like this item, perhaps you will like this one as well!" Think of how your customers would use your products or services. How could you utilize grouping or pairings to make it easier for them to shop and buy?

Here are some tips to make packages work for you:​

  1. Once you’ve identified a pairing, make sure they are close or next to one another with a sign identifying them. If that isn’t possible, set up a separate display showcasing the marriage.

  2. Educate your staff to think in groupings. Asking “Do you need anything else?” doesn’t work. “Did you know we have a gouda cheese on special that goes perfectly with this wine!” Or “You’ll need a HDMI cable with your new TV”. These responses increase sales and benefit the customer.

  3. Promote the groupings! Assuming that you are, of course, advertising make sure you get the word out! Through Social platforms or traditional media.

  4. Considering offering a collective cost, one price for the grouping. “Get a eye cream with a facial booked this month!” Build in the cost and see the sales increase!

This approach not only serves to increase your businesses bottom line but assists the customer with products/services they can truly benefit from. Thinking in pairs can help you double your income!

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