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Media Packages (Red Flags from a Redhead)

As a local business owner no doubt you’ve had multiple media sales reps walk into your

store with this great deal, this great package! It seems all inclusive, a “limited time offer” and appears to make it easy for you to decide, “this is a deal…ok, I’ll buy it!” Here are a couple of red flags for you to consider before you decide to sign that package agreement.

  • First; the radio station, the newspaper, the television station…they are trying to sell you what THEY want to sell you. That doesn’t mean the offer doesn’t have value, but remember most often it is not customized for you. It is something they are taking to every business owner in the city. They are selling their inventory the way they want to sell it!

  • Second, look beyond the total price! Look for details. For example, what days of the week will it run? For TV and radio, how many spots a day/week? What times of the day will it run? Is it priced for a :30 or a :60 commercial? How long is the contract? Is it for 3 weeks, 3 months or 6 months? I’ve known many business owners that have agreed to a package but when asked have no idea when their spots are running or how often. Determining the value for you and YOUR business is in the details!

  • Third, is it talking to your demographic…your core customer? You know, the one who bring the most revenue to your business. I assisted a tire company with their marketing and they stated over 60% of their business comes from women. Yet they purchased every know sports package on radio and TV know to man! Do women enjoy sports? Sure! But as a business you need to allocate your budget based on who you want to drive into your business, who is their core customer. They could certainly market to men but targeting women should have been a consideration before spending their dollars.

So the next time you hear “this is the best package, for a limited time only” …look beyond the price, examine the details and ensure this offer will be suited to entice your core customer. That will help determine if it is truly valuable and good for your business!

How do I know this? Because in my selling days I use to pedal the streets with great packages! Hey, girls got to make a living! :)

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