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Can’t live with us….can’t make a decision without us. As a business, are you talking to us? You should be!

Research has shown that 83+% of all consumer purchases are made by women. We now make up 56% of the work force. From 1970 to 1998, men’s median income grew .06% while women’s grew 63%. In 40% of current households with children under the age of 18 women are either the sole or primary income source for the family. (Pew Research)

When it comes to buying power, consider these numbers; women make 80% of the household spending decisions, 53% of the investment decisions, 80% of home improvement purchase decisions, 60+% of new car purchase decisions. And get this one, women make 80% of the buying decision when it comes to? RIDING LAWNMOWERS!

Compare the shopping habits of a man vs. a woman……

Women are the most intriguing creatures. We are difficult to reach, incredibly loyal, slow to trust and unbelieving of cliches! We have hundreds of things on our mind in a given minute. We are thinking hours, days, even weeks ahead! Getting a message to us, let alone convincing us that we should do business with you is nearly impossible. So why even try?

Well, if you earn our loyalty, we will rarely change it! If you earn our trust, we are a client/customer for life. If you tell the truth and stop using cliches, we will tell our woman friends about you! Since we now make up more than half the workforce and most of the buying decisions the truth is…you really have no choice.

Earning a woman as a customer is worth it’s weight in gold…but you have to be creative and be where we are! As women we are on the go constantly. When we are at home we are making dinner, helping with homework, making lists… You must not only reach us, but connect with us. When utilizing media, think about our habits based your target demo.

Using mass marketing, it is the message that is crucial! Radio, television...use EMOTION to get my attention. Whether it’s humor or fear….Woman make buying decisions based on emotion! Social marketing is a requirement to really connect with us! Just imagine….talking one on one with the “power of the purse”? 72% of women vs. 62% of men use Facebook, 25% use Pinterest vs 5% of men.(Pew Research) Just looking at a Facebook or Pinterest profile, you gain insight to build a personal connection. Get to know me and tell me why I should do business with you. Begin #discussiontopics, open conversation, become a resource and engage me on what I need or want. Stop telling me what YOU want me to know.

Over 74% of woman feel companies do not understand the challenges of being a Mother! Twitter,Facebook and others give you the opportunity not only to connect personally, but to initiate proactive conversations about what women want! If your business isn’t exploring an using these platforms, you ARE MISSING OUT!

Talk to us…connect with us…..earn our trust!

Women make 89% of the decision on which bank account to use! So if you’re a man wondering what which bank to choose, you might check with your wife.

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