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What's in your wallet?

They are most likely in your wallet right now. The plethora of white, crisp, accordion thermal paper with markings the seem to be printed with disappearing ink. Store receipts! There isn’t a woman I have shared a lunch with when preparing to pay her bill opens her wallet and the accordion music begins.

We all do it, as women we save these records of our purchases for fear of…..what? Yes, in case of a return it makes life much easier and most times necessary. They can even be used to take a stand or make a statement. But I confess, I save all receipts whether I purchase a meal, a book of stamps or a computer. Digital receipts are the future and no doubt advertising messages will find their way sprinkled into that email as well. But for now, each week as I pull the piles from my wallet to decide which to keep and which to pitch, I notice and wonder.

Receipts have grown…and grown and grown. These documents have gone from date, time, place, product code and price to a novel. Most often peppered with survey URL’s and coupon offers. Then there are receipts that imprint advertising on the back for other businesses. Most have little to do with the business you've just invested. This bares the question, great marketing or annoyance?

So you Wise Women, what do you think? Do you notice the offers? Have to taken a survey? Did it produce something of value? It’s no doubt this type of advertising is directed to women over men. So do tell, do you find this way of marketing effective or do you ditch these faded novels asap?

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