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If Mary Tyler Moore only knew

If Mary Tyler Moore only knew

Mary, the woman that most of us wanted to emulate! Playing and working in the mysterious world of broadcast television as a woman. When TV was TV…not “downloading” or “pod-casting”.

Media back then was simple…well, at least compared to today! Traditional media and creative ideas. Choosing one of the big three (radio, TV or newspaper), getting a creative message out there and wait for the customers to come to you!

Today, it’s a little different. Diversity is the reality of our world! The only way to progress and survive is evolution! Reaching people today is more diverse and difficult than ever. But today it can be done in more intimate and personal ways to develop real connections.

We can now turn those “transactional” consumers into “relational” ones on a more one-on-one basis! Talk about creating an unbreakable bond?

I wonder, what would Mary be tweeting about? #hats, #MrGrant #typewriterink? I wonder, would she have used to find a man? At least she has a Facebook Group! Maybe my new mantra will be WWMT? (What Would Mary Tweet)

You tell me?

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